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Winter Care For Your Plants With Leaf Supply

Leaf Supply is an indoor plant + pot delivery service based in Sydney. The 
love child of friends and (self named) plant nerds, Lauren and Sophia. We spoke to the girls about caring for your indoor plants as the Winter months set in.

Plants bring life and joy to any space, and tending to their needs is hugely therapeutic. Studies have also shown that plants clean the air, have calming effects, and aid productivity, so if you haven’t already, now’s a great time to get started on your indoor jungle. Here are our top tips for keeping your indoor plants happy and healthy during the cooler seasons.

1. Reassess placement. There may be less sunlight getting inside during the darker days of winter, so consider whether you need to shuffle plants closer to windows or prop them up on plant stands or shelves to ensure they continue to receive adequate levels of light. You’ll also want to move your plants clear of any heaters or super cold draughts.

2. Water less. Generally speaking, indoor plants require less water when the weather cools, as their growth patterns generally slow during winter and their potting mix usually takes longer to dry out.

3. Pause the fertiliser. While indoor plants normally benefit from a regular half strength liquid fertiliser during the warmer seasons, in winter they prefer to rest.

4. Be conscious of humidity + ventilation. Do your plants a favour and crack open a window every so often to give them a dose of fresh air and don’t forget to amp up the humidity to counter moisture zapping heaters. You can group plants together (ideally without their leaves touching) to create a little microclimate, give their leaves a regular spritz, or place pots on pebble and water filled saucers to mimic the tropical vibes that they love.

5. Pest patrol. When watering your plants, do a regular check for pests. Carefully dispose of any that you find and apply an eco-oil to help do away with any stragglers. Prevention is always better than a cure, so be sure to follow the above plant care tips as healthy plants are much more pest resistant than those that are already struggling.

    We’ve got some great low-maintenance indoor plants on the sill this month, a snow queen, neon devil’s ivy, raindrop peperomia and swiss cheese plant:

    Leaf Supply are seriously passionate about plants, believing life is better surrounded by nature. Each month the team hand-select three lush indoor plants ideal for gifting or adding to your own indoor jungle. 

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