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Refreshing Your Home with Bonemade Interior Design Studio

Bonemade Interior Design Studios ~ creating earthy & sophisticated spaces with an emphasis on timeless & considered design. As we find ourselves in an unprecedented time in our lives, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to speak to local Northern Beaches ladies Fliss & Leah about creating beautiful spaces within the home. 

As a collective, we have all been forced indoors a lot more lately due to the current Global Pandemic. Whilst some may look at this as a negative and a little debilitating, we feel it’s the perfect time to re-assess your home, figure out any changes you’d like to make and spend some time refreshing it to ensure it’s a space you’d be content isolating in.

We’ve broken down the general areas in a home and have provided some cost effective but creative tips to assist in creating a more beautiful space for you whilst in isolation.

THE ENTRY – The first impression of the home 

If you have the space, a console table or bench seat is the perfect entry piece. It assists in giving the entry some purpose and practicality, a place to drop keys, a place to display styling accessories or perhaps house a table lamp to create soft lighting on entry. Enhance the space by placing an artwork, wall hanging or mirror above and bring in an element of texture with a floor rug / runner and some greenery.

THE LIVING – a place to unwind

Small or large, we still have the freedom to create a beautiful space in our living rooms. If it’s a small space, opt for a light coloured or glass coffee table, an oversized light floor rug to bring in texture but to also make the room feel larger than it is (a deceiving eye trick of ours). Our go to rug supplier for most of our projects are Armadillo + Co - hand made in India with love and their quality and versatile selection are second to none.

Opt for large portrait style art on the wall to draw the eye up to the ceiling, or perhaps a large oversized mirror above the lounge which makes the space feel larger, whilst reflecting light and creating a brighter space. If a new lounge is on the cards but you’re currently watching your spending, invest in one or two king linen sheets and create a ‘linen slip’ lounge by covering it and tucking it into your current lounge crevices. Bring in colour, texture and softness through cushions and create an ambient, cosy space by introducing a corner floor lamp with a warm globe.


Whether you love to entertain, always prepping for your next soiree, or value the nightly routine of congregating around the table with your family, roommates or significant other for a meal, the dining room truly is the heart of the home.

A pendant light assists in bringing statement and character into the space, whilst also providing ambient, mood lighting. Artwork and mirrors assist in injecting colour, natural light and boldness within the space and a floor rug helps to soften the space and create a welcoming, cosy dining area. We love a dining centre piece, however for a more simplistic vibe, keep it really simple with some minimalistic table ware. If you have the room for it, adding in a sideboard or console table allows more storage whilst also allowing another surface to display styling items. 

Practical and aesthetically pleasing.

BEDROOM – a place to rest and rejuvenate 

We find bedrooms one of the easiest spaces to refresh and update. We are spoilt for choice with French linen suppliers who are all locally based and provide beautiful, unique colour palettes. Coloured linen is a perfect way to refresh the colour scheme in your room, whether it’s a moss green, tobacco or even a soft neutral, each colour evokes different feelings and emotions. A few favourite linen suppliers of ours are Deiji, In Bed and Bed Threads.

Add an artwork above your bed or invest in a new bedhead to create height, add a floor rug underneath at the base end to bring in texture, new bedside tables with or without storage will enhance the space and get creative and inspired by nature by collecting items on a daily walk, like dried palms and greenery to add to your bedsides or corner spaces. Keep your bedside tables clean of clutter, however simple pieces to ignite your senses such as a nice smelling candle, an essential oil diffuser, bedside lamps or wall lights with a warm globe for an ambient glow.


If you’re up for some ‘DIY’ whilst on isolation, perhaps refresh your kitchen cabinetry. It’s amazing what some fresh paint and new handles can do. We suggest firstly finding out what finish your current cupboards are – Solid timber doors can be stripped or sanded back before being painted or stained, whilst melamine can be given a coat of speciality paint with some prep work done prior. To update your splashback, spraying tiles with a tile paint can also assist in refreshing your kitchen too.

There are so many beautiful handle options available to us today – we are currently loving white kitchen cabinetry with brass handles as a combo. A couple of our favourites are Made Measure and Lo + Co.


Refreshing your bathroom without going overboard with spending can pose difficult when it comes to bathrooms. Re tiling and replacing vanities can be costly, however making a few simple tweaks can help to enhance and refresh your space.

Replacing fixtures, repainting vanity cupboard doors / drawers, replacing a shower curtain with a fixed panel of frameless glass and spraying tiles can modernise and rejuvenate the bathroom. If you have the space, adding in a floating shelf to display accessories or adding in a pendant can help to personalise your bathroom and bring in a little character.

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