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Introducing Silk as our latest fabrication within our Autumn 24 collection:


Introducing Silk as our latest fabrication within our Autumn 24 collection: Discover our top tips for styling and caring for your silk silhouettes. 

Recently introduced within our Autumn 24 Limitless collection through our Cove Shirt and Cove Pant, Silk is the latest fabrication we have added to our range. Recognised for its breathability and durability, Silk, a natural fabric, epitomises luxury. The Cove Shirt and Pant showcase the fabrics versatility through the ability to be worn individually or as a matching set. With its sheen and elegance, silk effortlessly elevates your look and is adaptable to any occasion or dress code. As a new fabrication within our range, we have put together our top tips and recommendations for styling your new silk silhouettes, and caring for them to ensure they last a lifetime.









Dry cleaning: We recommend getting your silk pieces professionally dry-cleaned in order to prevent shrinking or misshaping the fabric, particularly if they have stains or marks.

Avoid washing: Try to avoid washing your silk pieces, however if you cannot get it dry cleaned professionally, carefully wash the garments in cold water.

Drying silk: If you do choose to lightly hand wash your pieces in cold water, avoid drying in direct sunlight as this can cause colour fading. Opt for drying in a cool, dry place instead.

Steaming for creases: Due to its delicate nature, silk can be prone to creasing with wear. Use a steamer to remove creases, however If persistent, iron on the reverse side with a very low heat or using the dedicated ‘silk’ setting some irons have.

Do not tumble dry: Avoid tumble drying as it can damage the delicate fibres and lead to garment shrinkage.

Be mindful of cosmetic products: When wearing silk do be mindful of products such as deodorant and makeup making contact with the fabric as depending on the ingredients, this can cause minor marks on silk fabrics.





For a versatile styling approach, our Cove Shirt or Cove Pant pair well individually with core styles like our Pippa Denim Short or Tallulah Tank Top. These essential wardrobe staples, when combined with the elegant silk shirts or pants, effortlessly elevate your everyday ensemble - especially when complimented with the right accessories.



For dressier occasions or when aiming for a cohesive silk set look, explore the various styling options for wearing the Cove Shirt and Cove Pant together. Tuck the shirt in for a more polished look, let it flow freely over the pants for a comfortable but elegant styling option or leave the shirt unbuttoned with a basic top underneath for a laid-back yet effortlessly put together look. Enhance your styling with the right accessories like statement gold earrings and a leather clutch or shoulder bag. 




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