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Behind Our Elara Campaign

The air was hot. Rugged rock formations cast shadows on rippled sands, and the sun burned red as it sunk below the horizon. We were in Mungo National Park, the traditional land of the Mutthi Mutthi, Paakantji and Ngyiampa peoples, for our Elara Spring ‘23 Campaign.

Two traditional elders of the land welcomed us to Country and accompanied us as we traced our way through the sacred desert. Conversations were quiet as we took in the untamed beauty surrounding us.



“Mungo’s rugged, untamed beauty was the perfect backdrop to our new campaign, Elara.”


Our campaign came to life on rippled dunes beside ancient rock formations and a bounty of wildlife. Mungo is a place of magical dichotomies, where the heavy sun gives way to a sky full of stars; the thick heat to the coolness of night.

Elara is a journey to self-belief; a time of wonderment and awakening that walks the line between dreams and reality. Our collection reflects this notion with rich textures colliding with sumptuous prints and electrifying hues, finding form in effortlessly cool wardrobe staples and signature styles.

A celebration of inner strength and slow, imperfect journeys, Elara is a call to the wandering dreamer within us all. Explore more of our behind-the-scenes below.




“Statement accessories were complemented by natural makeup, glowing skin and slick hair.”



“We marvelled at the famous clay pinnacles, the beauty of the shifting sands and the solitude of the Australian outback.”






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