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April 05, 2020

With a focus on conscious living, Prae offers a thoughtfully curated selection of wellness, active, lifestyle and beauty products to balance the mind, body and spirit. 

Words by Courtney Reeman, of Prae Store

Kivari the label, a brand that shares our love of long, languid Italian Summers spent by the sea – reached out to us to share our favourite natural make up & skin care products, and I couldn’t myself have thought of a better time to share all the things that make me feel good, and in turn hopefully you too. 

When I think of the Kivari girl, I sense luminosity, sun kissed skin and soft textures. What better 'make-up bag' to 'YSL clutch' essential than the Ere Perez Sun Halo crème illuminator? Ere is one of my favourite Prae brands because of her minimalist packaging, and the effortless way her make up makes your skin GLOW. Apply on cheekbones, eyelids & anywhere you want to subtly highlight your complexion for a hint of summer. (It also smells like vanilla- I know.)

 I also have the secret for the most luminous skin you’ve ever been able to achieve- and because I am terrible at keeping secrets- start taking Beauty Chefs Omega Elixir, right this second.

I’ve been having this twice a day with food and after a week it looks like I've just come out of a Melanie Grant facial. Yes, it’s that good. The other great thing about Omegas? They help with memory and brain function- and if you’re anything like me, who can’t remember what they had for lunch yesterday let alone all the names of their nieces & nephews, this will be a god-send in all aspects of your life.  

The slip silk pillowcase- I literally will not let you walk out of the store if you don’t already own one of these shimmering miracle workers. So you just spent $100 on a serum? Don’t even think about laying your head down on that linen girl. Silk does not absorb all your expensive creams and serums, but it is still hypo-allergenic. To put it simply, it’s your secret anti-aging weapon that you don’t even have to remember to use. And it’s not only your skin that will thank you- your hair doesn’t pull, is glides over the silk- the outcome? Glossy, healthy locks.  

In-keeping with my omega loving theme of the day- Mukti's 3-6-9 Oil is my most decadent evening ritual.

Depending on your skin you can use it anytime of day, but I love whipping my gua-sha from the fridge while I watch re-runs of Friends on Stan in self isolation (I know I’m not the only one right?) while my skin is still shower warm and make up free, applying a few drops on the skin and then massaging in with the gua-sha. It’s like quenching the skin from the outside, and I always wake up with the most hydrated glow.  

Ere Perez Oat Milk foundation. I’m currently working on a Prae journal post of the best make up, for the no make up-make up look. But as previously stated, I am a terrible secret keeper so here I am spilling the beans again. But trust me, you’ll thank me later. 

If you answer yes to any of the following this foundation is for you. Do you want- Buildable coverage? A foundation that doesn’t clog pores or get stuck in fine lines? The kind of foundation strangers stop you while you’re halfway through dinner and ask you what you use on your skin? Stays on all day with no chemicals? A flawless, dewy finish that looks achingly natural? 

So you’ve answered yes to all- as I suspected. There’s a range of 6 shades for all skin tones

You can always DM our Prae insta where I'll get back to you on any questions regarding colour matching, or even just for a friendly chat- because who else misses their friends because of iso? 

 Thanks for reading lovelies - Lets all look after each other, always.

Get your glow at home, use code KIVARI15 at the checkout at Prae Store 

Courtney wears the Frankie Slip Dress

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Our brand sizes are now displayed in numerical format. This means is you have bought from us before, a size S for example, will now be displayed as a size 10.

We assure you, our fit has not changed, our beautiful pieces are still made to the same measurements, so the size you normally purchase will fit and feel the same too.

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