KiVARi Muse : Mimi Elashiry

KiVARi Muse : Mimi Elashiry


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When I came across these pics of model and blogger Mimi Elashiry taken by lifewithoutandy while they were just hanging out and doing their thang on a casual Friday it was what I believe is described as love at first sight. I instantly had this overwhelming urge to buy the whole look complete with bare feet.

Mimi rocks the KiVARi My Stand Pants in all their boho glory complete with windswept beach waves, el natural make up and the KiVARi Muse Leather Top. This is a look that can transition from casual weekend wear to dressed up mid week attire with the addition of some sandals, as a matter of fact these pants are so comfy I could live in them 24/7… they don’t need washing do they?

Anyway to keep this one short and sweet on a Sunday night, Mimi is a babe and her outfit rocks!

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