KiVARi Muse : Fran

KiVARi Muse : Fran

Self confessed daydreamer, rocker, tattoo collector, stylist and blogger, Fran from Through Rose Coloured Glasses caught up with Kiki from KiVARi to shoot her favourite pieces from the collection.

Being a natural lover of all things wild and free Fran loved the Hunter Leggings teamed back with a vintage tee, rocker boots, Pandeia compass watch and stacks of accessories for a laid back look that screams rock and roll.

With Fran’s attitude to match this was one shoot made in rock god heaven.

These are the perfect leggings that are super soft, have a subtle pattern and can be mixed and matched on your varying moods. Whether you’re after a look like Fran’s, something more bohemian matched with a kimono or why not let the leggings do the talking and dress them up with a basic tee, heels and blazer.

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