Into the Blue

Into the Blue


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Loving these photos from Kiki on her travels throughout Bali and the Mentawi’s and all the turquoise, blue colours that seem to be constantly surrounding her. As it’s heating up outside, I’m heating up inside and dreaming of a tropical island escape. The feeling of being a mermaid underwater where time stops and nothing matters above the water’s edge is an exhilarating feeling. It makes everything in life be put into perspective and any dramas you had melt away.

This summer is all about the aqua blues of the ocean, the emerald greens of the trees and the blue hues that surround you in a place of paradise. Get inspired by the tropics with this KiVARi Ohio turquoise bag that sums up summer in a heartbeat. Wear your staple denim shorts and a white tee all summer long and throw on this bag to be ready for your island holiday escape.

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