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Wooden Beams? Check! Lace Fabric? Check! Rope? Check! Accessories? Check. Now just to find a secluded location and let the magic happen. We have noticed our Broken Head Tipi Shoot with Photographer Lisa Niederer last year for our White Romance Range has been re-blogged many times on Instagram.

If you see this floating around please give Kivari a shout out!

Now a little History on Tipi’s.. Where did they come from? 

A Tipi also known as Teepee is originally associated with Native Americans in the United States/Canadian Aboriginal people. A Tipi refers to a conical tent used by nomadic tribes and tribal dwellers while hunting on the Great Plains. A Tipi is a conical tent made of skins, cloth, or canvas on a frame of poles, originally used by American Indians. The Tipi is durable, provides warmth and comfort in winter, is cool in the heat of summer, and is dry during heavy rains. Tipi’s could be disassembled and packed away quickly when a tribe decided to move and could be reconstructed quickly upon settling in a new area.

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